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My bedroom currently is what you would expect of a teenage girls bedroom.. When I was 15 I got my room painted with a bright pink feature wall.. yeah. I loved it at the time and I don't regret the colour choice, but now I'm 21 and I need something a bit more mature, so I'm getting my wall painted in the colour of the rest of the walls in my room, a really light grey with I think will look wonderful with this Sheridan quilt cover set! I've already bought it and I'm just waiting for it to arrive.. so exciting. My parents are also getting ready to sell our house in the next couple of years (I live here between uni semesters, and I live in the city during uni), so it will also make it look a lot nicer for when we come to sell, and then I will take the quilt cover to my room in the city! I currently have a lavender hydrangea print Sheridan cover on my bed there, which I still love. Do you have any suggestions, or what is your favourite current colour palette for you room?

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