Juice, juice and more juice.

The last time my parents came to visit me, mum bought a juicer that they can use when they go to the beach house (they go every few months). Mum and Dad like to drink carrot juice every morning (blegh) and seeing as they fly heree before they drive to the beach, they leave me with the juicer when they go home. And I'm surely not complaining.

When I first got it I was just juicing pineapples - yuuuum. It was delicious, and sometimes I'd freeze the juice in ice cube trays and then pop them in the blender once frozen to create a delicious pineapple frappe. Seriously, it was amazing. It's finally starting to get cooler here in Australia though and pineapples are on the way out, plus I was in the mood for something a little less tropical. I ended up rummaging through my fridge and just chucked a random assortment of fruits and veggies into the juicer, and it turned out AMAZING! I couldn't believe it, I have made it three more times since then and it really is so delicious. I'll put the recipe below for you guys! If I know I've got an early morning for uni the next day I'll put some in my to-go cup and drink it on the way to class. It also lasts once juiced in the fridge for a day or two (just stir it before you drink it) and it still tastes amazing. I'm in love!

In my to-go cup. It doesn't look great, but it tastes amazing!


2 oranges (peeled)
1 lemon peeled or half a lemon unpeeled (whatever tickles your fancy)
2 apples (I used granny smith)
2 medium stalks celery
Half medium cucumber
2 carrots
Handful of spinach (if you want - I like it because it takes away some of the sweetness of the lemon rind)

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  1. Yum need to give your recipe a try.

  2. That sounds delicious! Great post:)
    Milly xx

  3. Great idea <3



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