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Over the past year I have found it incredibly difficult as a uni student to find a job. I have applied for countless positions and for almost all of them, I've been rejected before even having an interview. If you've been in the same position as I am then you will understand how disheartening it can be. So when I received an email today saying that a company was interested in me for an interview, I was obviously excited... until I read their full email. It turns out that they want me to operate under my own business/ABN, which means I would need to pay GST to the government, I would need my own public liability and insurance cover (which costs a lot) and a bunch of other stuff.. and the hour wage is $20 per hour. Which basically means I'd be sending 10% of my income to the government, and I'd have to pay a ton of money to be registered as a business owner, and so on and so forth. Ugh, I was so incredibly annoyed! The first non-rejection letter and it's basically just as bad. So I need some positivity today and to focus on the good. Obviously it was just not meant to be and I need to focus on all the good things in my life right now. I had a good work out at the gym too so that got some of my frustration out! 
Well, thanks for reading my rant (if you did)!

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  1. Go for it but continue looking for jobs! You always need to go through the bad to get the good! :)
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    1. I agree! No point in getting upset about it. x


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