I'm now on uni holidays (yay!) which means I have more free time and also more time to blog! I know I've been pretty terrible with blogging these past few months, but I've literally been so busy with uni that I haven't had time or energy to think about or write new posts! I'll be even busier next semester, as it's my final semester (graduation!!!!) and I have two internships as well - which is really exciting. I'm so excited to start them. One is in a marketing company and the other is with a music festival. Anyway, I'm currently at home (where I grew up) for a week, so I thought I'd post what's been happening - it's really not much but at least it's something!

It's supposed to be the middle of winter right now (if you don't know, winter in Australia is from June - August), but yesterday it was a warm 26ºC. I was annoyed. I want to wear beanies and scarves and stockings and boots, but yesterday I wore jeans and it was too warm. Sigh. But I took this nice photo of the sky so that's good. 

I got to catch up with my girlfriends from high school, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a lot of strawberry daiquiris. Delish. The majority of my friends have moved away (like myself) but I still have two friends who live here, and one who visits like I do, so it's always nice to see them and catch up when I have the chance. 

Dukey! This is my puppy Duke. Well, he's not really a puppy, he's about 14 years old but he still looks and acts like a puppy. He's so cute, he has the most wonderful personality. My other dog Sally unfortunately had to be put down due to old age (she was 19) three months ago, and I think Duke is depressed or has separation anxiety or something because when we take him for a walk or give him a pat and then leave, he cries for two hours. It just breaks my heart! I bought a teddy bear yesterday and put one of Sally's winter coats on it and put it on her bed for some company for Duke and so it smells like her, hopefully it will work but if you have any suggestions for depressed/lonely dogs please let me know! x

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