Summer in Australia

Holy moly, it's hot right now. I'm currently sitting in my lounge room in the airconditioning (which isn't really working) as it's 41 degrees celsius outside. I think this is the hottest summer we have had so far! It's so humid which doesn't help either. Seeing as it's so hot outside there's not much to do except get burned, so I figured I'd write a short little blog post to cure my boredom for a little bit! I took this photo yesterday when I was in the bath (obviously), I only used the cold tap and the water was still too warm! But it was lovely anyway, I used my favourite lush bubble bar which is 'Rose Jam Bubbleroon Bubble Bar'. It's so delicious smelling and it splits into two pieces so you can use it more than once. Score!
Hope you are all enjoying the weather wherever you may be :) 

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  1. Hey, have you heard of Google friend connect? It's my favourite way to follow blogs on Blogger. It's a gadget, under the more gadget section. You can see it on my blog (i only have two followers) haha, helpful advice from one newbie to another! :)
    One of my best friends is doing a year in Ozzyland at the moment and she keeps poting pictures - I'm soooo jealous!
    Hope you're enjoying that bubble bar! :)
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    1. Oh! No I haven't heard of that.. I just got that bloglovin one though! I get a bit confused, there's so many different things haha. Thanks so much for the tip! I will add it to my blog now :)
      Oh gosh, I wouldn't be too jealous, it's too hot to go outside right now! Once it cools down a bit it should be lovely though - but I'm more of a winter person myself :)


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