Oh dear!

I haven't posted in.. I don't even know how long. I don't even have an excuse for not posting. I guess I haven't had all that much to post about really. I've just been hanging out with friends and going to uni, so it hasn't really been all that interesting. But I've finally wanted to post about something! 

Every single time I get sick of uni (which is currently) I get an overwhelming urge to travel. So I ended up watching a ton of Essie Button's vlogs - hers are my favourite for some reason. She's just so personable and her vlogs are always really interesting! Anyway, I was watching one where she went to Denmark and I realised that I love Scandinavian interior design. Kind of random, but whatever!

Denmark and Ireland are my top two places that I really really really want to go. I've got a bit of heritage from both places, as my grandmother was born on a boat on the way from Denmark to Australia, and my granddad's father came over from Ireland when he was young. Both places are also incredibly beautiful (from what I can tell from photos - cry) and I am absolutely desperate to get there. Once I'm finished uni I'm definitely travelling.

Aaaanyway, I decided to browse pinterest and find a few photos that I really like. Oddly enough I'm not a huge fan of Ikea but oh well. 

I also love the round table because it looks like the sides fold down to make it a rectangular table. Genius.

Love everything.

Okay this even brings in my love for grey couches (I really really love them) and I love the use of the two different tables! How do people think of these things I mean really.

All of these photos were found on pinterest (of course). If any of you want to follow me on pinterest or twitter leave a comment below!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love Essie Button!! By far one of my favourite youtubers, I love how genuine and hilarious she is in front of a camera! And her vlogs are amazing even when she's doing virtually nothing all day:D
    Milly xx

    1. I love her blogs! I think I've watched all of them whilst procrastinating, she's very natural and entertaining. I'm not as big a fan of her main channel videos, but I don't mind them every now and then! She's still definitely my favourite youtuber though. xx


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