As you all know, I am a plus-size gal (I'm working on it - my new years resolutions have been getting harder and harder to... resolve). Anyway, I was browsing the City Chic website out of boredom when I came across this lovely coat.

I mean, how nice does it look? It comes in black too, but I really liked the pink because it was different and you don't see a lot of pink coats! Anyway, so today after a nightmare of a day trying to finish and submit the hardest marketing assignment of my life, I drove all the way out to City Chic to have a look at this coat. Okay I am exaggerating a bit, it's (sort of) on the other side of town, and with today's Easter long weekend traffic, it took at least 20 minutes to get there. Anyway, when I got there and tried it on I discovered that it was... furry. Yes, furry. It doesn't look furry in the pictures at all, so you can understand how disappointed I was. It just looked cheap, and seeing as it's polyester and furry, I think it would pill quite easily and it wouldn't last very long. Not the mention the hefty price tag - it was $199.95. That is just absolutely ridiculous for a cheap fabric, polyester coat! I was outrage, honestly. Especially because here in Australia it's really really difficult to find nice clothes in my size (I'm an 18, so not even that big. If I lose 5kg I'll even be out of the ASOS Curve category). And with my DD boobs it's even harder to find something to fit. So for (basically) the only plus-size store in Australia, it's pretty damn disgraceful that it's so expensive but is the quality of Supre. So very disappointing. I think I'll stick to ASOS.. 

Actually, I've bought a few items off ASOS that I love at the moment, so if any of you are interested in a 'latest purchases' post, let me know! I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend, I'm off to the beach to soak up some sun, sand, swimming and chocolate! What are you all doing for your Easter weekend? 

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