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Isn't it funny how your tastes can change? If you asked me two years ago if I ever thought I would be into 'alternative' music, I definitely would have said no. But here I am, obsessed. There are three albums that I've had on repeat for the past few weeks.

Bastille is definitely number one. I wrote a blog post last week about how I saw them live and they were fantastic. At the moment my favourite songs are Poet, Laughter Lines and Sleepsong, as I've only just discovered they existed after iTunes didn't download the second disk of the album. It was a travesty, but it's sorted now.

This one is pretty obvious, I mean, who doesn't love Ed Sheeran? I'm listening to 'I'm a mess' right now, it's so amazing. I was typing out which ones I love the most and it's literally the whole album... I can't pick a favourite song yet. They're all so good. 

I know I'm a bit late on the 1975 bandwagon. I'd heard about them from so many people but just didn't give them a listen until I was in the car with a friend and they were playing 'Settle Down'. I was instantly hooked, I loved it straight away so I went home and downloaded the whole album on iTunes. My favourites are Settle Down, Chocolate, Sex and Girls.

What bands/musicians are you loving at the moment? Give me some suggestions! x

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