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Hello everyone! So I know we're already 4 days into February (can you believe it? I can't!) but I thought I'd do a 'monthly favourites' post for my favourite anything in January! I haven't been buying too much because I have been back at my parents house for a while (in a rural town) and there aren't that many great shops here, so when I have been buying I've been doing it online (if you're thinking asos, you're on the right track). So this probably won't be a very interesting post! 

1. Duke, my puppy! He's not really a puppy (he's 14...) but he still thinks he is. He's just too cute for words! He obviously lives here with my parents so I only see him when I come home for holidays, but he's just the happiest, craziest, most energetic dog and he has the cutest face :)

2. Rain! Where I live in Australia it seldom rains, only about 20 days a year (and thats pushing it) so its a welcome relief when it rains, and it really rained this time! It poured all day, it was so lovely (although a pain when you want to go out!) but it was nice nonetheless. 

3. Hydrangeas are my all time favourite flowers. I love them so much! They are so pretty, and I went to Bunnings the other day to find some nice flowers and they had hydrangeas! I have never found real ones before, so I was pretty excited (as you can see, it's no longer raining. Sad face). I bought two and planted them in my mums garden for her, hopefully they don't die! Apparently they are pretty hard to look after but I don't even care, they are so pretty! And these ones change colour, from white to pink to green. Eek! I love them!

4. Last but not least, this cute little 2014 diary I got from typo. It's just adorable! I love the little deer and the "oh hello my deer" is so cute. I usually buy my diaries from Kikki K but they can be quite bulky and I can be pretty slack with actually using them, so I think it's kind of silly to spend a ton of money because Kikki K can be quite expensive, whereas I got this in the post-Christmas sale and it was only $5! Score.

What were your favourite things in January? Don't be shy! I always love hearing about new products or anything! xx

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  1. Awah you're 'puppy' is adorable Grace! :D
    Elephant stories and more

  2. Thank you so much, I just followed back dear!


  3. Duke is so cute!!! I still call my 17 year dog my puppy...haha!


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